Versions are editable snapshots of your current Project. When you create a new project, it will automatically start at version 1.0. You should create a new version within your project when you are ready to start working on large or “breaking” changes to your product. This allows for managing multiple states within a project, while still keeping the older ones available to edit.

Versions in Stoplight follow a numbering system and are marked by MAJOR.MINOR.


  1. Select the Project you wish to modify
  2. In the top right, select the Branch icon with the version number

Navigate to a Version

  1. The version you are currently viewing will be highlighted in blue in the tree
  2. Select any version nested under the code branch folders

To Create a New Version

  1. Input a new Version Number, then click + Version

Invalid formats are anything that include non-number character and will result in an error upon creation

  1. On successful creation of the new version, you will re-routed to it and you may continue working as normal, without concern of altering any work in other versions

New versions will be generated from the nearest Version numerically lower than it


Git branches are used internally to manage versions. Under the hood for each version, a branch is created as version/{MAJOR.MINOR}.

It is important to note that a change in a version release will only be refelected in itself and will not propagate to any other versions. As an example changing Version 1.0, after Version 2.0, is created, will NOT update Version 2.0 in anyway.

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