Published Releases


Creating a Release marks a version as ready to publish and takes a snapshot of a the most recent edit of a version. When publishing documentation, all released versions will be included in your documetation under a dropdown selector. These are useful for pointing to specific points of your project and allowing you to continue editing a version without altering published documentation.


  1. Select the Project you wish to modify
  2. In the top right, select the Branch icon with the version number

Create a New Release

  1. While editing a version, click Release
  2. Optional: Add Release Notes

If you only have read access to a project, the section will instead display your previous release notes if any were entered.

Delete a Release

  1. While editing a version, click the Trash Icon under the Edit a Release section

Edit a Release

  1. While editing a version, click Rerelease under the Edit a Release section
  2. Optional: Add/Change Release Notes

Rereleasing a version will update the git tag to point to the newest most recent commit/changes to your version.


Git tags are used internally to manage releases. Under the hood for each release, a tag is created as release/{MAJOR.MINOR} and is a reference to the most recent commit in the version branch version/{MAJOR.MINOR}.

It is important to note that a change in a released version will need to be re-released and re-published if you want those changes to be reflected in your published documentation.

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