Creating a Project

Create a Project in an Organization


Projects are the workspace of the Stoplight Platform. Projects contain:

  • File Explorer
  • Project Governance
  • Documentation Editor (Hubs)
  • Modeling Editor
  • Testing (Scenarios)
  • Mocking (Prism)
  • Markdown Editor

Single Point of Truth: All editors are now contained within a Project


Individual users can create Personal Projects. Organizations can create Organization Projects.


Personal Project

  1. From the homepage select the Personal Project tab

Organization Project

  1. From the homepage select the Organization you want to create a Project within
    • By default you will land on Organization Projects

Create a Project

  1. Input a Project Name
  2. Input a custom Project Path (optional)
  3. Input a Project Description (optional)
  4. Select Public or Private
  5. Select Create Project once complete

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