Change a Project Member’s Role

Change a Project Member's Role


You can invite people to a Project to grant them read or read/write permissions. There are three tiers of read/write permissions:

  • Admin Access: Upper level permissions that allow you to:
    • Read/Write
    • Invite and Manage Members and Teams
    • Manage Project Settings
    • Delete the project
  • Write Access: Mid-level permissions that allow you to:
    • Read/Write
  • Read Access: Low-level permissions that allow you to:
    • Read


  • Only the Organization Owner and Organization or Project Administrators can modify member roles

By deafult, all members of the Organization and the Project will have Read permission


  1. From the Stoplight homepage select the Project you wish to modify
  2. Click on Member Access Icon or Team Access Icon in the far left sidebar
  3. Find the user you wish to modify in the list and select them
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the preferred role

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