Team Member Roles and Permissions

Team Roles and Permissions


Roles and Permissions for Team members can be managed and modified within Stoplight to control access to the Team’s functions and features. There are 3 Roles:

  • Owner
    • Owners can update the Team, its connections, and its collaborators. They can also update the team’s settings and delete the team
  • Administrator
    • Admins can update the Team, its connections, and its collaborators
  • Member
    • Members can view and create projects. They can view the Team’s members
  • Guest
    • Guests are read-only members


  • Only the Team Owner or Administrator can modify Roles and Permissions


  1. From the homepage, select the Organization associated with the Team you would like to modify
  2. Select the Teams tab from the tab bar
  3. Select the Team you would like modify
  4. To the right of the member’s name click on the down carrot button to the left of the person’s role
  5. In the dropdown menu select the desired role with accompanying permissions

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