Invite People to an Organization

Invite People to an Organization


Adding people to your Organization is the first step towards collaboration within Stoplight. There are two methods of inviting people to your Organization: inputting email addresses or by generating Magic Links. Inputting email addresses send invitations directly to that person’s email. Magic Links allow you to invite people via a simple link.


  • Only an Organization Owner or Administrator can invite people to an Organization


Inviting via Email Addresses

  1. From the Stoplight homepage, select the Organization you would like to invite people to
  2. Select the People tab from the tabs bar
  3. Click Invite Member
  4. In the popup that appears input email addresses or usernames
  5. Hit enter to add them to your list
  6. Once completed, click the Invite button

Magic Link

Magic Link grants either Contributor or Reader Permissions. Set accordingly

Generating and Sending Magic Link

  1. Select the Organization you wish to invite people to
  2. Select the People tab
  3. Click Invite Member
  4. Select a role, either Contributor or Reader
  5. Click Generate Link
  6. Send link to invitee

Accepting Magic Link

  1. Click on the magic link
  2. If new to Stoplight, click Register
  3. If you already have an account, Login
  4. You now have Contributor or Reader access to that Organization

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