Documentation Add-Ons


OpenAPI, Markdown, Request Maker: Document your OpenAPI specifications with Stoplight. Create Markdown documents to supplement your specification. Let your API consumers “Try Out” your API in your documentation with a built-in Request Maker.

Unlimited Visits: No limit on how many users can view your API documentation.

Publish to Publish your documentation for free to a domain.


Publish to your domain: Publish your documentation to a custom domain.

Theming: Modify color schemes and add textures to your documentation

Build history & instant rollbacks: View your documentation’s build history and instantly rollback documentation.


Custom CSS: Add your own Custom CSS to further modify your documentation’s aesthetics or match company branding

White Label: Remove Stoplight branding from your documentation.

Basic auth & Auth0 integrations: Add security to your documentation by enabling Username/PAssword authorization and/or Auth0.


Download Static HTML/CSS: Download a zip file of your documentation to host it your way.

SAML single sign-on: Add SAML authentication to Stoplight.

HTTP request OAuth token manager: Manage tokens for APIs protected by OAuth.

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