Exporting with Resolved References

Export Modeling File


By default, Stoplight exports files with references unresolved. References within your spec will appear like this: "$ref": "#/foo/bar". To resolve these references follow the steps below.


  1. Select the Modeling file you want to modify
  2. Click the right facing arrow next to the file name to export the file

    A new window will appear with your exported file

  3. Following the exported files URL, input one of the following:

Resolve Remote References

Sample URL Deref Remote: https://next-api.stoplight.io/files.export?projectId=5242&branch=version%2F1.2&path=PetStore.oas2.yml&deref=remote


Resolve References within the File

Sample URL Deref Local: https://next-api.stoplight.io/files.export?projectId=5242&branch=version%2F1.2&path=PetStore.oas2.yml&deref=local


Resolve Both

Sample URL Deref All: https://next-api.stoplight.io/files.export?projectId=5242&branch=version%2F1.2&path=PetStore.oas2.yml&deref=all


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