Sending HTTP Requests

Sending HTTP Requests


Use the HTTP Request Maker to send requests to the endpoints defined in your specification, extend your specification with new endpoints, or send a request to any endpoint.


  1. Click HTTP in the top tool bar located above the editor.
  2. Select a method from the first dropwdown.
  3. Choose a path from the next dropdown, or enter any valid API endpoint.
  4. If the variables tab is present, fill in any required values
  5. Use the tabbed menu to add headers, query params, request body information, or authentication.
  6. Click send and view the results.


Click Extend Spec to append or alter your specification using the information supplied in the request maker.

Additional Notes

  • The Code Generation tab can but used to view your request in another language so it can be sent through other means.

  • If a path or endpoint is selected from your current specification, the tabbed menu will prepopulate with any parameters defined in the spec.

  • To add variable path parameters, wrap the parameter name in the path in curly braces like so /path/{param} and then fill in the value in the Variables tab.

  • To use environment variables in your request, enter {$$.env.variable_name} as the value and the populated value can be viewed or changed in the variables tab.

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