Publishing your documentation has never been easier. Stoplight has added:

  • New Integrations for Segment, Intercom, and Google Analytics to allow for traffic monitoring and additional analytics
  • New Authorizations to make sure your documentation is secure at all times. This includes basic user/password authentication and SSO provider integration, powered by Auth0, SAML, and more.
  • New Builds section for tracking published Hubs, including when a Hub was published, who published it, and under what domain.

Take that Gutenberg!


  • Organization Owners, Account Owners, and Administrators can publish Hubs


  1. From the Stoplight editor, click on the Publish icon in the far left-hand toolbar
  2. Input a subdomain under Stoplight’s domain
    • Or input a custom domain as shown below (optional)
  3. Once completed, click Next ->
  4. Select the Hub you wish to publish under Hub File

    Publishing will use the latest version of the selected file (denoted by a star in the versions list)

  5. Add Integrations to Segment, Intercom, and Google Analytics under Integrations (optional)
  6. Add security via Username/Passwords Login, Auth0, or SAML (optional)
  7. Once completed, click Publish in the top left
  8. A confirmation window will ask you to confirm your selection, click Okay
  9. Once confirmed, Build Logs will display your current progress
    • The process usually takes 2-5 minutes
  10. Once the process has completed, a green success message will display at the bottom of the screen, letting you know that the Hub was published succesfully
  11. Once a Hub is published, it will appear under Builds
  12. To unpublish a Hub, select Unpublish in the Danger Zone underneath Builds
    • If you wish to delete all builds and release the domain you are currently using, select Remove Domain

Custom Domains

  1. Click on the Publish icon in the far left-hand toolbar
  2. Select the Custom? checkbox
  3. Input your custom domain in the text field and click Next
  4. Create a DNS CNAME Record
  5. Point your custom domain to before you publish

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