Documentation with Hubs

Hubs Preview

Documenting your API is critical to its success. The methods of creation and languages and libraries utilized to create APIs differ dramatically across the API landscape. To ensure that consumers of your API are successful, you must provide robust documentation. To that end, Stoplight has created Hubs, our new documentation editor and generator.

Hubs allows users to:

  • Expedite the process of documenting your API
  • Focus on content instead of design
  • Host documentation anywhere
  • Connect your API specification to your documentation
  • Create non-reference documentation, guides, and tutorials

Optimized for Speed

  • Hubs generates static documentation that gives you near instant load times and can be cached in the browser
  • Makes it easy to add textual elements to your docs through a UI/UX designed for non-technical users
  • Focuses on content instead of design
  • Can be served from anywhere or hosted by us

Ensures Documentation Accuracy

One of the most common issues we wanted to solve with Hubs was outdated and incorrect documentation. This occurs because most solutions treat documentation as separate from the API design process. This ultimately leads to out of date documentation due to changes in API specifications not being reflected in documentation. Hubs connects your documentation to your API specification. Whenever you make changes to your API spec, it immediately gets pushed to your documentation, so you never have out of date docs again.

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