Hub Search

Hub Search

Stoplight provides a search engine for documentation published with Stoplight. Hub search enables easy access to specific content using keywords and tags.

How it Works

When you publish your documentation, every page in your Hub is indexed. The index file that is created sorts content by keywords, avoiding prepositions and other non-specific language. The search will display the first 150-200 words of each page with matching content. Search results are ranked by how often the term appears on a page.


  • Instant Search Results
  • Generated Index file is included with your built Hub
  • Search is served up on each page
  • Search enabled offline
  • Full context search
  • Tags will appear in search results
  • Indexes alt-text for images

Custom CSS

Hide Hub Search

.HubHeader-search {display: none;}

Change Search Highlight Color

.HubSearch-match {Background-color: rgba(255,255,0,.75);}

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