Create Subpage


Subpages are the second tier macro building blocks of Hubs. They function as a canvas for blocks and the backbone of navigation. They are commonly used to house content based on a specific topic. Subpages can have more subpages nested underneath them, which gives you lots of flexibility to organize your Hub as you see fit. If a subpage has subpages nested inside of it, it will be displayed as a collapsible group (if it contains content) or a header (if it does not contain content) in the left navigational sidebar.

Subpages populate the navigational sidebar of a page.

Hubs Architecture Top Down

  • Pages
    • Subpages
      • Blocks
    • Blocks


Create a New Subpage

  1. Select the Hub you wish to modify
  2. Select the design view
  3. Hover over + Add and select Subpage
    1. Input a Subpage Name
    2. Modify the Subpage Route (optional)
    3. Power the Subpage with an External Data Source (optional)

Just like pages, subpages can have blocks. Any blocks added to a subpage will be displayed when a reader navigates to that subpage in your Hub

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