Stoplight’s Hubs features an easy to use routing system to make sure your docs have identifiable and friendly URL’s. The routing system allows customization of the following objects:

Friendly URLs are links that are easily readable, rememberable, and relevant to the content.


Pages & Subpages

  1. Select the Hub you wish to modify
  2. Add a new page or subpage
    1. Select a page title to auto-fill the Page Route or
    2. Input a custom page route
  3. Select an existing page or subpage
  4. Select the Page Settings & TOC at the top of the Hub in the center of the page or subpage you wish to modify
    1. Input a new URL under the page path


  1. Select the Hub you wish to modify
  2. Click on Hub Settings in the top right
  3. Find the header you wish to modify and input a new route under Page or Link

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