Managing Headers


Managing Headers

Managing Headers


You can customize the headers of your Hub to add additional navigation and modify existing header navigation. By default, your Hub will have a Home header linking to your Hub’s root page in the top left corner. You can modify a header’s:

Default Home Header

  • Header Title for Home
  • Header Logo for Home

Additional Headers

  • Left Header Links: Title, Page or Link, Location
  • Right Header Links: TItle, Page or Link, Location


  1. Select the Hub you wish to modify
  2. Select the Design View
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under Header Title, input text to modify
  5. Under Header Logo, input a URL for a hosted image
  6. Under Left Header Links, add a Title and Page or Link

Select + Add to add additional Headers

  1. Under Right Header Links, add a Title and Page or Link

Adjust Header Locations by drag and drop via the hamburger icon to the left of Title

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