Download Static HTML & CSS

Download Static HTML and CSS

Requires a Pro Docs plan


If you would rather host your documentation outside of Stoplight’s hosted servers, you can download a built version of your Hub. Downloading a build will produce a .zip containing all of the minified assets necessary to load your Hub. These assets will include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JSON files. You will need an HTTP File Server in order to properly view and navigate your downloaded Hub. Any authorizations (Auth0, SAML, etc) you have added will not work, since they require a backend server.

How to download

  1. Click the Publish icon on the far left toolbar
  2. Select or create a domain
  3. Choose a Hub or OAS file
  4. Click the Build button to start the build process

If this is your first build, it will also publish to your selected domain

  1. Once your Hub has finished building, it will appear in the Builds section. Click the download icon to the right of the build
  2. Unzip the downloaded .zip to view all of the assets. It will most likely be located in your Downloads folder

How to serve locally on your computer (Mac)

  1. Open Terminal and cd into the root of your build folder
  2. Start your favorite file server (Ex. python -m SimpleHTTPServer)
  3. Open a web browser and navigate to the file server’s local url (Ex http://localhost:3000)

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