Auth0 Integration


Auth0 allows you to add a login form with user access management to your documentation.


  1. Create an account or login to Auth0
  2. Select Applications in the Auth0 menu

Auth0 Dashboard

  1. Click + Create Application

Create Application

  1. Input a Name for your application

Create Application Details

  1. Select Regular Web Applications
  2. Click Create
  3. Select Application Settings

Auth0 Settings

  1. Copy the Domain and paste it in Hosted Login Page
  2. Input a ?client= at the end of the pasted Domain from above
  3. Copy the Client ID and paste it after the ?client= in Hosted Login Page from above

Example Hosted Login Page:

  1. Copy the Client Secret and paste it in Client Secrets in Hubs

Hubs Authorizations

  1. Copy the Callback URL generated by Hubs in Authorizations and paste it in Allowed Callback URLs in Auth0

Make sure the callbacks start with https instead of http and that they match

Allowed Callback URL

  1. Select Hosted Pages in the Auth0 menu

Make sure Customize Login Page is turned on

  1. Click on Build to start the Publishing process

To login to your Hub with Auth0, make sure you add users in the Auth0 Dashboard